Johnstown Roller Girls are the talk of town

Johnstown Roller Girls are the talk of town

By: Kerri Corrado from WJAC

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Women from Johnstown and surrounding communities take part in roller derby at the Windber Community Building.

“Our feet twitch, we get antsy, we can’t wait to put on our skates on. I don’t know what the feeling is,” founder and manager of the Johnstown Roller Girls Kimberly Stewart said.

With their game faces on, the Johnstown Roller Girls are ready to bring it, with no mercy, to every game.

“Beast mode, that’s it. It’s time to play, focusing everything you thought on the past week is gone,” Stewart said.

Behind these tough exteriors are women from different towns and different day jobs. Age is only a number once they strap up the skates and hit the floor.

“A lot of these ladies have never been involved in a sport before. Maybe tried out for soccer, softball, volleyball, but haven’t been that good. They seem to find their niche with roller derby,” Stewart said.

Stewart said roller derby is a sport almost any woman can do. They dress up in different outfits, but don’t let their fashionable uniforms fool you. The game is also very competitive. “We hit each other, it’s a contact sport. It’s not as bad as hockey we don’t go running in and checking people lights out,” she said.

Stewart wanted to bring the sport to Johnstown.

“One night I was sitting home and I said I am going to do this,” she said.

“Whether we win or lose we are always happy and love to play,” she added