Brad the Builder

Coach Brad the Builder

Meet our coach and fellow skater, Brad the Builder (#10)!


Give us the story behind your name and number.

I am a Union Carpenter. I thought it would make more sense than some of the other names that weren’t as clever.


What made you want to get involved with coaching?

The reason I’m involved in coaching was Tiny Terror is my wife who started skating before I started being involved. I started reffing at first, which helped learning gameplay and the rules. Then I got an opportunity to start coaching and have been coaching now for about 2 years for JRG.


Do you have a favorite coaching moment?

My favorite moment as a coach is seeing plays that we’ve worked on for what seems like months play out perfectly.


Have you had any outside or prior experiences you feel have made you a better coach?

Some outside experiences that help me be a better coach have been playing hockey since I was 13 as well as really analyzing not just roller derby footage but other sports that certain skills can transition in derby skills.


What is your biggest pet peeve as a coach?

My biggest pet peeve about coaching is lack of motivation.


What was your favorite moment as a player?

My favorite moment as a player is the occasional apex jump.


What is your favorite thing about roller derby?

Favorite thing about roller derby is the excitement.


As a coach, what do you think is the single most important characteristic in making a good derby player?

As a coach, I feel, the single most important characteristic that makes a good derby player is confidence.


What is the most difficult part of coaching?

The most difficult part about coaching is it can be a thankless job.


Do you prefer blocking or jamming? Why?

I prefer jamming more than blocking, because with jamming, I feel like I have a chance to control the game a little more than blocking.


Do you have a signature or favorite move/play?

My signature move, if I see a slight chance I can jump the apex I will.


What do you like to do when you’re not coaching/playing/watching derby?

When I’m not coaching or playing derby I’m usually playing video games.