Eve’A Destruction

1028 Eve’A Destruction

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Tell us about your derby name/number. How did you come up with it?

I had a really tough time coming up with a name!  I asked everyone I knew for ideas & posted about it on Social Media.  Names ranged from really goofy ones, some really good ones like Catastrophe, Cutthroat Carey and Princess Pain to some honestly very fitting ones like Drama Destroyer and Crazy Carey, but I just couldn’t decide and I didn’t want to use my real name.  I ended up out one night discussing names with friends and one mentioned Eve’A Destruction.  I have always loved the name Eve and just the darkness of the name was fitting to my personality in so many ways, so after a few more days of ideas, the team needed my name for merchandise (lol), I settled on Eve’A Destruction.  I decided to go a little different with the number and use a bible verse that was fitting to the name Matthew 10:28 “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”


What made you get into roller derby?

I watched roller derby in the past and had gotten very interested in the Pittsburgh League through a friend that had mentioned I should join their team.  So I stalked derby for a little and then by some crazy coincidence I heard from a friend that there was going to be a meeting about a league in Johnstown.  We both decided we were going for it!  I love extreme sports and thought Roller Derby fit that to a T.  And honestly the idea of hitting other girls (without getting in trouble for it) was pretty exciting!!!


What is your favorite thing about roller derby?

I have to say my all-time favorite thing about roller derby is the empowerment you feel when you step out on the track!  It’s an amazing, sometimes indescribable feeling knowing that I’m participating in such an incredible no holds barred sport.

Of course there are so many other FAVS about derby, like hitting, some amazing new friends, hitting, and it being the ultimate stress reliever!  And if I didn’t mention, hitting…there’s that too!


What was your favorite derby moment?

I think my favorite derby moment was coming back this year after an injury that kept me sidelined for a good bit of time and playing in my first bout out of town and being chosen as MVP Blocker!  I was literally in complete shock and crying hysterically, but beyond excited!  It meant so much more to me than just getting that title. It was then that I knew I came along way and didn’t give up and it paid off!


Is there someone who has been particularly supportive to you either on or off the track?

Yes!  Of course my family.  Outside of them, our very own Kimber Kai. She brought roller derby to Johnstown and I am forever grateful.  She has always been supportive, whether it’s listening, helping on the track or just being a genuine friend. When I was injured, she kept me motivated to not get frustrated. Same for some of my other teammates and great friends, Kayla and Sarah. It’s amazing what derby brings to your life!


Personal Likes/Dislikes

When I’m not playing roller derby or working, I absolutely LOVE music and enjoy going out with friends to listen to local bands or road trips to concerts nearby!

Other likes: Coconut Rum, Margaritas, Movies

Dislikes: Shitty attitudes & liars. I also despise slow drivers


Are there any songs that get you psyched up for derby?

Drowning Pool – Bodies

Click Click Boom – Saliva

Indestructible – Disturbed

Heavy and Loud!!!


Have you ever been so proud of a particularly impressive bruise that you’ve taken photos?

Absolutely!  I think every bruise is impressive and I’ve taken pics of them all.  I have even posted them on social media because I thought they were pretty badass.


What advice would you give for someone thinking of getting into roller derby?

Go FOR It!  Do not think twice!  Come check us out at our Open Houses or practices, learn about what it takes, strap on some skates and get on the track!  Don’t be afraid.  We teach you everything you need to know and we all started out at the beginning


Were there any skills/techniques that really scared you at first, but now come naturally to you? How did you overcome your fear?

I wouldn’t say scared, as much as intimated me. In the beginning, everything!  Afterwards, I would say turnaround toe stops!  I thought how the hell am I now only skating but getting turned around quick & popped up on my toe stops. I’m going to be on the floor often. But practice really does make perfect. I just continued to work at it until I got it down. It also helped that I could talk with other players about their techniques to make it easier.


Do you prefer blocking or jamming? Why?

Def blocking!  I love the feeling of knowing that my wall kept the jammer from getting through. We work as a team & it’s amazing what we can do! I may have mentioned hitting earlier.

Yeah blockers get to engage with other players often. It’s awesome to knock a jammer off the track or even hold an opposing blocker back from getting to your jammer.


Funniest derby moment:

“Summer’s Eva.” I’ll leave it at that.


 “Boutfits” Pro or Against?

I am most definitely pro “boutfits.” I think that’s part of derby history. Being able to be not only tough but cute and tough or sexy and tough or whatever persona you want to be and playing that part through your “bout-fit.” We wear more of a standard uniform these days…matching helmets and jerseys, black pants or shorts but you can be sure that you can spot me on the track by some sort of crazy knee high socks I’m sporting. When we can go all out, I will.  The works. Facepaint, Fishnets, Booty Shorts and Socks. Oh my.


Do you have a favorite team to play? Why?

There are lots of favorites. Def the NARD girls!  They are so much fun!  It’s amazing how we can beat each other up on the track and party all night long together after!


Do you have a “derby wife?” Who is she and what do you love about her? 

Yes. Lucky Hammer and I miss her bunches!  She just is an all-around tough chick. We always had a great time playing together.


Did you have any skating background prior to derby?

Just my many years at Skateland.  I may have also hit someone back then, too. Haha