99 Kimber

Skater name and number: Kimproper Konduct – 2K‬

What made you decide to form the JRG? Our area needed an amazing women’s sports team that’s unique and that will help show women they can be strong and beautiful! Plus bring the fun and sport of roller derby to our home town for friends and family to enjoy.

Derby birthday: Sept 27th, 2012

Personal slogan: Stick to the plan!

Favorite song to skate to: “Won’t Back Down” – Eminem featuring Pink

Love: Slipping my feet into my roller skates and getting excited to skate as I lace them up!

Tell us about the first time you participated in a bout: The time went by so fast, I don’t remember much, haha! But it was such as rush! It was more fun than I had ever thought was possible!

What is your favorite position while playing/participating, and how do *you* approach it? Love to be a jammer because it’s a challenge to me; Being small it can be lots of work getting through a strong wall of blockers. But I also love to block, as again, being small sometimes I do knock some taller girls down!

What would you tell a person who is thinking about getting involved with roller derby? Don’t be afraid! And I’d ask them, “When is the last time you did something for the first time?”