Miss Behavin’

13 Miss Behavin’

Tell us about your derby name/number. How did you come up with it?

Miss Behavin – 13

Miss Behavin’ has just been my username since way back when MySpace was popular. It was the title of a song by Emery – a band I’ve listened to for a long time. My original number was X3, but when the rules changed to not allow letters or symbols, I changed it to 13 – relevant, because we started skating in 2013.


What made you get into roller derby?

A friend of mine saw a flyer & asked me if I wanted to be a roller derby girl with her… & I immediately said yes. Even though I had never roller skated before, I was excited to start a new hobby and meet new people.


What advice would you give for someone thinking of getting into roller derby?

Please give it a shot! Roller derby is seriously my favorite thing in my life… it provides so much more than a hobby or athletic outlet. I know you’ll fall in love like I did if you give it a chance.


What is your favorite thing about roller derby?

I love that feeling when a play or even just a block goes exactly how it was supposed to and is 100% effective. Or when I’ve been trying to get a move right & it finally comes together. That feeling of accomplishment.


What was your favorite derby moment?

My favorite moment so far was last season when we won our first home bout! Everybody worked so hard & it finally paid off. It was an amazing moment that I got to share with my whole team.

Snot Rocket Clinic hosted by J-Town Roller Girls


Is there a player on the local scene you admire? Why?

I love watching ‘Snot skate – she is like a badass ballerina. Watching her jam really is like watching a dancer – she’s so agile.


Do you prefer blocking or jamming? Why?

I prefer blocking & having the ability to work with my teammates more. I still try to throw in a jam once in a while.


Most embarrassing Fresh Meat moment:

I played a scrimmage & I was still having a lot of trouble staying in bounds. I was the jammer & got pushed out of the track, & the tape from the track got stuck on my skate. It was wrapped around my wheels so many times that a couple refs had to help me untangle it.


Do you have a signature or favorite move/play?

When I’m blocking I’m almost always backwards. I like to face my teammates and really work with them, anchor them, & create a solid wall. That’s when I feel strongest.


Did you have any skating background prior to derby?

I used to go ice skating constantly as a teenager, but I never roller skated. I was pretty nervous when I decided to try out roller derby, but I was quickly relieved to find out there were many girls in the same boat as me.


What do you say to people who say that they are surprised that “someone like you” plays roller derby?

I hear it pretty often, & it doesn’t surprise or offend me. I’ve never been athletic. But derby isn’t for any one specific type of person. That said, I know I’m a stronger person now than I ever have been before.


What was the hardest skill for you to learn?

I still struggle with getting low! I don’t do too bad when I’m blocking, but when I’m the jammer, I tend to stand straight up & I end up spending most of my time falling down.


Is there someone who has been particularly supportive to you either on or off the track?

I think our coaches are phenomenal. They’re constantly giving us all feedback and working with us to try to make us better. I really appreciate their support.