Rayna Tearher

20 Rayna Tearher

Tell us about your derby name/number. How did you come up with it?

Max Level and Barbie O’Havoc helped me come up with my name.  I never thought of the “reign of” angle.  My number has just followed me throughout my career in sports.  It was my basketball and soccer number.

What made you get into roller derby?

I have always loved to skate and have always wanted to at the very least try derby.  I saw Kimber Kai’s post about starting a league in Johnstown on FB through Barbie and jumped in with both feet.

What advice would you give for someone thinking of getting into roller derby?

I tell anyone who is even remotely interest to try it.  You don’t know unless you try.

What is your favorite thing about roller derby?

The thing I like most about derby is the feeling of accomplishment when I improve at a skill or score well in a game.  I love the afterglow after a good bout.

What was your favorite derby moment?

My favorite derby moment was watching the Rose City Rollers win the 2015 WFTDA Championship.  So exciting!

Do you prefer blocking or jamming? Why?

I prefer jamming because I feel like I am potentially good at it.  My blocking game has improved but still needs work.

Do you have any derby heroes?

I love Scald Eagle from the Rose City Rollers.  She is really fun to watch.

What was the craziest photo taken of you playing derby? What do you like about it?

I enjoy the mid fall photos that look like you’re floating or in the middle some kind of weird dance move.

Panties: Pass them or wear them?

Wear em and go.  You can do it!

Did you have any skating background prior to derby?

I have been skating since I was very young.  My first pair of skates were red white and blue and I wore them everywhere.  I skated on the sidewalk, road, bricks, and even in the grass.

If you had a different derby name, what would it be?

I have an NSO derby name and it is Legs for obvious reasons.

Do you have a favorite pre-game ritual?

Convincing myself not to throw up and to go fast.

Personal Likes/Dislikes

Like-Yarn, art, and food.
Dislike-Negativity, haters, and drama.