Tammy Toestop

63 Tammy Toestop

Tell us about your derby name/number. How did you come up with it?

I struggled a long time picking a name.  My sister helped me come up with names and I eventually picked one.  I picked my number, 63, because it was the length of the shoe laces for my skates at the time.

What made you get into roller derby?

When I lived in Cleveland, I overheard a lady at the gym telling somebody about Roller Derby.  I eventually talked to her and she encouraged me to go to wRECk, a recreational derby league out there.

What advice would you give for someone thinking of getting into roller derby?

You probably think you can’t play roller derby but you totally can!  I never would have thought I could actually do this and here I am 6 years later totally in love with derby.

What is your favorite thing about roller derby?

Getting to be on my skates twice a week.

What was your favorite derby moment?

My absolutely favorite moment was the first time I got to skate on a banked track.   I never thought I’d have the opportunity but I have now several times.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming an NSO or referee?

Come join!  We will teach you everything you need to know.  It’s a good way to be involved if you are unable to play.

Do you have a favorite pre-game ritual?

I don’t really have any pre-game rituals.  I like to stay busy helping to set up the bout so that I don’t have to worry about any superstitions.

When/where was the first derby bout that you ever watched?

The first derby bout I watched was a Burning River Roller Girls home team bout in Cleveland in 2010.

Is there someone who has been particularly supportive to you either on or off the track?

My husband, Brad, always supports me playing derby.  He became a ref shortly after I started Fresh Meat bootcamp.  He puts up with me scheduling something derby related every single weekend.

Did you have any skating background prior to derby?

I skated a little as a kid at Skateland and Hooversville and then ice skated as a teenager.

What do you say to people who say that they are surprised that “someone like you” plays roller derby?

People at work always say this to me since I am so very quiet.  I really don’t say much cause it’s true…I would have never thought someone like me could play derby.

If you could make up a new derby rule or get rid of a current one, which would you pick?

I would probably not allow skating in non-derby direction.  Banked track rules prohibit that and the game is much faster paced and more appealing to fans.

What is your favorite derby term?

I liked “kitties in a basket” where the mama kitty (the fastest blocker) would protect her kittens (the other 3 blockers) from becoming a goat (a blocker trapped by the opposing wall in order to slow the pack).  Nobody really uses this strategy much anymore with the already slow packs.  I like animals, especially cats, so I guess that’s why this one comes to mind.